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1st Chapter - Two Slytherins

27. února 2014 v 17:24 | °Alex |  Running
Ďalšia kapitola :). Ďakujem za tie 2 krásne komenty :).

'So let's summarize it,' Riddle said to Antonin. 'We have here a pureblood, blood traitor and... probably a Mudblood,' said Riddle and he looked at Hermione with narrowed eyes.
Hermione reciprocated his gaze defiantly although she didn't feel that way. In fact, her inside was filled with frost and heat at the same time. She felt this for the first time in her life. She didn't even realise how long she was staring to the source of the feeling, which reciprocated her gaze.
Ron interrupted them. He clenched his fists and cried out: "Don't you dare to call her like that! And you, too,' Ron looked furiously at Antonin.
Riddle raised his right eyebrow in a mocking gesture. He pursed his lips, narrowed his eyes and shook his head briefly.
'Oh, and you will certainly stop me,' Riddle whispered sarcastically and Dolohov chuckled.
'You can be sure about it!'
'Ron, let it go,' Hermione said, and all eyes turned to her. 'They are not our first Slytherins we have ever met, so why all of a sudden you react like they were.'
'Because he is stupid Tom Riddle, he can't speak to you like you were someone worse! He's a hypocrite!' Ron was furious. Hermione rolled her eyes.
'Are all of you really Gryffindors?' asked disgusted Dolohov. Trio opposite him and Riddle looked at him.
'Yes,' nodded Harry.
Riddle lightly lowered his head and behind eyelashes looked at Hermione as he was looking into her soul. He had no idea why he was disappointed that she was a Gryffindor.
'Did you go to Hogwarts? Or you still attend the school, but for unknown reason you are camping, ' guessed Dolohov.
'We are supposed to attend the seventh year but since dear Tom decided to take over the world, it's impossible,' Harry said ironically.
'I'm so sorry,' Riddle said in a mocking voice.
Ron snapped at him: 'Yeah, you should be!'
Before any of two Slytherins could respond, Hermione said: 'Are we really going to talk about school?! We have more serious problems - what are we going do with them?'
Antonin frowned as Harry stood up with a sigh. Passed by the table and stopped behind their backs, bent to their hands. At first, he wanted to take Riddle's wand, but Riddle firmly gripped his palm and fingers around his wand.
'Do you want me to break it?' asked him Harry in a threatening tone.
Riddle reciprocated his hateful sight, there was a suspenseful silence, but Riddle decided to release his grip and Harry snatched his wand out of hand. To Harry own surprise shocked him how the wand reacted - he felt the warmth and a familiar feeling he remembered from the first contact with his wand. Was it because they shared the same core? Riddle on the other hand felt the chill of losing his wand so he frowned.
Then Harry who tried to ignore the warm feeling in fingers, moved towards Antonin's hands to took his wand as well. Then he stood between Ron and Hermione. He handed wands to Hermione without taking his eyes of Slytherins. Hermione swiftly felt the power, which was spreading out of Riddle's wand, but she decided to ignore it - it was a better thing to do. She passed around the table , came to her bed and threw wands into her small handbag. Then stood on her original place behind the table and continued watching the interview.
'We cannot let you escape, you'll stay with us,' said Harry who had sat back on the chair.
'Oh, that's very nice of you,' Riddle grinned ironically.
'We will live in a tent with three students of Gryffindor,' Antonin said quietly 'Can this get even worse?'
'Actually, yes,' Harry nodded slowly, 'it can,' he looked at Riddle. 'We know everything about you!'
'Well, isn't this amazing?' Riddle sneered, but his expression quickly changed to serious, 'What everything do you know?'
'The most fundamental things. You were born in the orphanage, Dumbledore told you that you are a wizard. You wanted to know how to achieve immortality, in your sixth year you asked Slughorn, what is a horcrux. I don't know from which year you came but you look older than in the memory'
'What memory?' Riddle asked oblivious to Antonin who was looking at him with a surprise.
'The memory I gained from Slughorn, in which you asked him about horcruxes. So I ask: from what year, month and day you both came?'
Riddle lowered his head. He wondered how they can know everything. He knew Slughorn would never told him about that situation and he also knew that Dumbledore must have fingers in it. Riddle didn't want to be bothered by date, but he felt that there's no other option, but tell him.
'4th September 1944,' he answered with his eyes in Harry's once again.
'Today's 4th September,' Ron said, 'that is strange.'
'How did you get here?' Harry asked. Both Slytherin boys shrugged.
Maybe they don't know or don't want to tell, thought Harry.
'We don't want to admit that we don't know,' said Riddle. Harry wasn't surprised by the answer, but Ron was although he remained silent.
'Can you already untie us? I want to take off the coat, it is warm here,' Antonin snapped at the Gryffindor boys.
Ron and Harry looked at each other and Harry nodded. Ron got up, came behind Riddle and Antonin, waved his wand, the ropes unleashed themselves and disappeared.
'Will you finally tell us why are you camping?' Riddle asked while he was rubbing his wrists.
'We want to destroy your future self,' Harry replied with a light tone which shocked everyone except Tom. He once again showed no emotions.
'Why?' he asked.
Harry raised his eyebrows but what else should he expect?
'Your future self created horcruxes, he wants to kill me and I want to kill you. In short, this war is the war of good and evil. Many people are running away, your future self is ruling everyone with magic in their veins in this country and I really doubt that Hogwarts is safe, because he has his people there.'
Everyone in the tent was impressed, including Riddle and Antonin. Riddle still wanted to know something...
'Who had decided you will be a soldier? Dumbledore? Because you look like someone who was persuaded by his sweet words about love and goodness... But he is a typical good guy, I can't blame him,' Riddle mocked.
Antonin smirked. He had already taken his cloak off and everyone could see his school uniform, which consisted of a gray jacket, gray trousers, a white shirt, tie and sweater - all in Slytherin colours.
'Are you in the uniform?' Ron asked in surprise. 'You, too?' he asked Riddle.
Riddle smiled knowingly, but his smile quickly disappeared. 'But to continue, I ask you again: why? Why would I want to kill you?' he asked mockingly..
'He won't tell you,' said Hermione suddenly and everyone looked at her in surprise, but she was staring at Riddle with fixed gaze. 'He would change the future. You'd know something ahead and events would have changed, it's dangerous. You have to be satisfied with the knowledge that here is another war and we literally want to finish it.'
'Impressive," Riddle whispered with a hiss that resembled a snake. 'And what are we supposed to do about it?'
'Nothing. You just need to know you can't escape. You would be captured by snatchers and probably taken to Azkaban,' Hermione said calmly. 'We all also can't say your... nickname,' Hermione continued hesitantly. Riddle raised his eyebrows in confusion and waited for her to continue. 'The name is a Taboo. Once you say it, snatchers will find you. We call him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.'
Suddenly Tom heard gentle and quiet hissing, he couldn't understand what it was saying. The voice sounded familiar... very familiar but he didn't know whose voice it was. Tom's eyes were looking for the source of the voice then he saw - to his surprise - Salazar Slytherin's locket which was glowing on Harry's chest.
'I can hear it hissing,' Riddle said quietly.
'Of course you can. I can hear it, too. We are parselmouths... but I think this is not the reason why we can hear it.'
Riddle was astonished even though he didn't let them know or see. He was also suspicious, he wanted to know how did they get this locket. Nevertheless he doubted that this green-eyed boy would tell him. Something loomed in his mind...
'I see. There is something I want to know,' Riddle said with his eyes fixed on Hermione. 'Why on earth would one girl travel with three boys?'
The brown haired girl blinked for a few times. She didn't expect such question. But on the second thought, it was understandable that he was curious about her, travelling with two boys... he was from forties after all.
'They are my friends and I've wanted to help,' Hermione said, folding her arms.
'Touching,' Riddle replied wryly. 'So you are completely alright with...'
'Yes. I guess I know where you're going with this, but you can be calm because they are just my friends,' Hermione said, blushing a bit.
Ron lowered his head a bit like he was trying to hide something. To his luck, no one noticed.

Deep night came. Silence and calmness were everywhere. Harry was guarding outside, thinking about their new 'roommates'. He couldn't find a reason or an information which would tell him how did they get here. Despite the fact that it wasn't their fault, Harry felt a bit disappointed they hadn't brought any food. Braised mushrooms wasn't very tasty.
Hermione couldn't sleep, she was lying in bed quietly. Riddle and Antonin were sleeping in beds near her, she heard their breaths while Ron was snoring. Hermione was thinking about all of them. What are they going to do now? The future Dark Lord and his follower will stay with them... it'll be dangerous. She was scared. Will they survive this? Will Riddle and Antonin find a way how to get back to their time?

'I've been thinking,' Harry said hesitantly, 'about Gregorovitch.'
Hermione rolled her eyes and sipped short gulp of tea. Riddle, who looked at her immediately, thought she had already discussed this with Potter but he didn't want to listen.
Harry looked at Antonin, furrowing his brows. 'Have you ever met him?'
'Yes, my wand was made by him... or I used to have a wand which was made by him,' Antonin added bitterly.
Harry suppressed a sigh and said: 'OK, so you've met him. Do you know something about him? Did he make something or did he do something that You-Know-Who might want?'
Antonin inhaled. 'Well, this is dangerous information. I didn't want to tell anyone because he used to own the most powerful wand in the world. I'm sure that someone like Tom would like to have it. Manny people wants it.'
Riddle narrowed his eyes at him but there was wickedly spark in them. Antonin glanced at him suspiciously for a moment then he turned back to Harry.
'So You-Know-Who is looking for the Elder Wand?' he asked.
'The Elder Wand?' Harry asked with bewildering expression.
'That's how the wand is called,' Antonin said factually. 'It was mentioned in The Tale of the Three Brothers. You must know the tale,' Riddle's classmate said almost desperately.
He stared at them as they were the stupidest people on the planet. Hermione sighed and stood up from the bench. She walked to her bed and grabbed some book. She came back to them and she showed something in the book to Antonin.
'Do you know this' she asked.
'No...' he replied. Then he took the book from her hands and examined the page. 'It's in runes which is not my area. Tom?' Antonin shifted the book to Tom.
He was looking at the book for a while then he opened it on the first page where he found a symbol. It was very familiar but he couldn't remember what it was.
'These are The Tales of Beedle the Bard, where The Tale of the Three Brothers is, but this sign or symbol is not in the runes. How did you get this book?' Riddle asked with his eyes fixed on Hermione.
She suppressed a shiver and said: 'Dumbledore left it to me. Have you ever seen this symbol?' she asked quickly.
'No,' he responded briefly, not looking at them.
Hermione felt disappointment. She expected he would know... Frankly, she didn't know why she had thought he'd know.
'It seems that this sign, Gregorovitch and Grindelwald have something in common,' Harry said, interrupting Hermione's thoughts, 'and we don't know what.'
'How can you be sure Grindelwald had something to do with this symbol?' Riddle asked suspiciously.
'A friend told us about this symbol. He went to Durmstrang and this symbol is inscribed on the wall there by Grindelwald.'
'Wait!' Antonin jerked and exclaimed. He grabbed the book from Tom's hands and looked closely at the page with narrowed eyes. 'I remember this symbol. It was outside Gregorovitch's wand shop.'
Harry had a knowing spark in his eyes. It was like he had expected this... like he knew but he wasn't sure.
But how could he know? None of this makes sense! Riddle thought.
'But why would he be interested in Gregorovitch and the Elder Wand at once?' Antonin asked and he put the book down.
The three Gryffindors shook their head but it was clear to Riddle that they lied. He was more than willing to find out the truth.

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1 Lisa Lisa | Web | 28. února 2014 v 0:36 | Reagovat

haha :D Musím sa smiať :D Ten koniec ma poriadne vydesil, zvlášť to Tomove odhodlanie a ja sa smejem :D Trochu mám rozpaky, či mám písať o anglicky alebo po slovensky.:D No, ale slovenčina vyhrala. Nebudem písať dlhý komentár, lebo naozaj som už unavená a horko ťažko som to preložila si. :D Mala som taký blog, ktorý ma nechcel pustiť :D Ale zvládla som to :D Kapča bola úžasná a potešilo ma, že Toma zamrzelo, že je Hermiona v chrabromile. :D No aspoň tak trochu.Tomove správanie bolo úžasné, chladné, vypočítavé. Snáď sa čo najskôr dozvie Tom aj Antonin pravdu. :D Gergorovič... :D (Som tak unavená, že ma k tomuto tematu veľa nenapadá a to som mala pred chvíľou hlavu plnú argumentov :D ) Takže prológ a aj táto kapitola bola vydarená :D a ja som si konečne mpohla otestovať moju anglinu :D (Samozrejme trochu s prekladačom, tak dobrá nie som :D )
PS: Snáď dáš kapitolu aj k tej tvojej druhej poviedke... :D Teším sa aj na ňu..  Dobrú... :D

2 laura laura | E-mail | 2. března 2014 v 21:46 | Reagovat

Celkem mě překvapilo, že Tom s Antonínem Triu pomáhaj - mohli sedět a tvářit se jako blbý, ale oni házej svýmu budoucímu já klacky pod nohy... jejich volba :) Sice je na mě moc těžké číst v angličtině takže se soustředim na četení, překládání a na pochycení o co vlastně jde mi už moc síly nezbývá, ale snažim se. Tak mam pocit že je to další pohádka Tomione a mam z toho hroznou radost, takže mě nezklam!! :D

3 °Alex °Alex | Web | 3. března 2014 v 10:58 | Reagovat

[1]: Ďakujem za taký... dlhý komentár :D. Som rada, že si Tomovo správanie pochopila :D. Na kapitolu ku druhej poviedke si trošku počáš :(. [2]: Ja v tejto kapitole nevidím žiadne pomáhanie. A vôbec nehádzali "klacky pod nohy". Len sedeli a pýtali sa. Podľa mňa to bolo prirodzené a nepovedali Harrymu o Voldym nič, lebo Harry už aj tak všetko vie. No vidím, že je to ťažké... odporúčam teda, aby si to čítala cez deň a nie v noci, možno z toho viac pochopíš a nebudú také nedorozumenia ;-).
No a rozprávka... táto poviedka vo všeobecnosti nebude až taká rozprávková... ale... no to už každý bude chápať inak... možno z toho neskôr bude rozprávka... kto vie?

4 LillyPotterml. LillyPotterml. | 4. března 2016 v 15:23 | Reagovat

Woaw. Nice, long, Antonin is realy cute.

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