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Running - Info + Prológ

22. února 2014 v 17:46 | °Alex |  Running
V rubrike Rozpísané máte odkaz na :). Keďže pochybujem, že to budete komentovať tam, tak ju budem zverejňovať aj tu... no úprimne pochybujem, že ju budete komentovať aj tu :D. Ale ak sa nájde niekto, kto bude a bude rozumieť, o čo tam vlastne ide, tak budem vďačná a poteším sa :).

Dej: Tom Riddle a jeho verný následovník Antonin Dolohov sa ocitnú v budúcnosti. Nechcene sa Zlaté trio musí zmieriť s tým, že bude mať na svojich cestách budúceho Temného pána a jeho smrťožrúta.
Postavy: Zlaté trio, Tom Riddle, Antonin Dolohov,...
Doba: 7. ročník HP
Inšpirácia: Et in Arcadia ego.
Upozornenie: niektoré pasáže budú z knihy alebo filmu.


'So what are we going to do with the locket?' Ron Weasley asked for a hundred times.
Many days have passed since they had infiltrated to the Ministry for Magic and the Golden Trio still didin't find a way how to destroy the locket. Even if only Harry could hear it quietly hissing, it was evoking the tension between them.
Harry sighed, got up and went to Ron. He reached out his hand and said: 'Give it to me, I will go out to guard.'
Two boys very alike but still different stood before a ragged tent with a suspicious expression on their faces. Just a moment ago they had been in the Forbidden Forest practicing a dark spells, they casted different spells at the same time, they collided and the boys fainted. They didn't know how they appeared in a completely different forest surrounded by singing birds, sun and breeze.
They both had pale skin, dark combed hair, high cheekbones. They wore black coat and black trousers. One of them was taller, he had penetrating grey eyes with a hint of blue. The other one had deep black eyes and he wasn't as tall as his friend.
Harry came out of the tent and suddenly he looked like he had been petrified. Right in front of him stood Tom Riddle, who was one year older than the one from Slughorn's memory. Next to him there was younger boy who looked similar to Tom.
Both of them pointed their wands at him. Harry reciprocated the gesture and shouted over his shoulder: 'Ron, Hermione, we have a problem!'
They heard murmur, rustle and finally redhead boy and a girl with brown brushy hair. The boy had a long nose and legs. The girl was short, she had the most curly hair Tom had ever seen. She was curiously and he was on the other hand surprised. Tom stopped, gazing at them and looked at that black-haired boy who was obviously filled with hatred, but Tom had no idea why.
'I'm introducing you to Tom Riddle,' Harry whispered hatefully.
'How do you know my name?' he asked quietly and without any emotion.
The voice sent a shiver down Hermione's spine. His voice was deep, smooth but also dark and cold.
Confusion was in in Harry's eyes, he remained silent. Harry looked at Riddle's companion about who Harry knew just that he was in Slughorn's memory as well. Riddle's companion looked like he had seen something incredible.
'Who is he?' Harry asked Riddle.
'I asked first,' he said threateningly.
'It's a long story,' answered Harry on Riddle's question.
Riddle smirked in a well-known Slytherin way.
'Well... it seems that we have loads of time.'
Harry sighed, with hatred still in his eyes looked at his friends. Hermione was worried and Ron felt anxious.
'Let's go inside and everything will be explained,' said Harry quietly as he was turning to two Slytherin boys.
Riddle and his companion lowered their wands and Harry quickly conjured ropes which tied their wrists together.
'Harry!' Hermione exclaimed reproachfully.
Ron and Harry ignored her. They dragged them into the tent while two Slytherin students were objecting ('Give those filthy hands off me!', 'Touch me again...'). Harry and Ron sat them sharply on chairs next to each other and Harry and Ron sat down opposite to them. Hermione sighed, leant against the kitchen counter behind her and folded her arms.
'I'll ask questions, because this whole situation doesn't make sense and because we are the good guys.'
Riddle and the other boy seemed to be disgusted. Harry looked at the unknown boy.
'What's your name? And don't try to lie, I'll know it.'
After this statement Riddle was suspiciously gazing on him. The boy glanced at Riddle who ignored him, then he looked back at Harry and with a slight Russian accent he said: 'Antonin Dolohov.'
All three blinked in surprise. They were in the tent with a person who will fight besides Voldemort's side and torture so many muggles... he will kill Molly Weasley's brothers - Fabian and Gideon Prewett. He will fight besides Malfoy's side at the Ministry for Magic, he and Rowle will attack them in the Cafe and then Hermione will erase their memories.
'To answer your question: I know you, because you are in the future, Everyone knows you. And especially you,' Harry looked at Riddle 'under the name you made up. Only a few people know your real name... I think they can be counted on fingers.'
Both boys showed no emotion on their faces even though they weren't as peaceful as they seemed to be. Antonin sharply inhaled and exhaled.
'In which year are we?' he asked.
'1997,' Ron answered stiffly.
Both boys raised their eyebrows in surprise. They were fifty-three years in the future. It was slightly more than a half of the century.
'You didn't tell us your names,' said Riddle quietly.
'My name is Harry Potter, this is Ron Weasley,' Harry pointed at the redhead boy besides him, then he pointed over his shoulder at Hermione, and her name is Hermione Granger.'

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1 Lisa Lisa | Web | 24. února 2014 v 17:01 | Reagovat

Tak v prvom rade chcem povedať, ako dobre si ich opísala. Toma a Dolohova :-D Sú si podobný :-P Tá otázka od Rona úplne na začiatku :D Mňa by šiblo :D keď sa to stále pýta :D Harry pekne odpovedal na Tomovu otázku :D Je to dlhý príbeh :D Páčila sa mi kapitola. Snáď som tomu pochopila :D A dobre si to zakončila :D

2 michel michel | 24. února 2014 v 19:21 | Reagovat

text je elkom dobre pochopitelny :) som velmi zvedava na Toma a Hermionu či sa to medzi nimi vyvinie podobne ako v predchádzajucej poviedke :-)  :-D

3 °Alex °Alex | Web | 24. února 2014 v 20:20 | Reagovat

[1]: [2]: Wow, som rada, že mi to tu niekto okomentoval :D. Ďakujem :)

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