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Chapter 2 - Challenging Lioness

8. března 2014 v 10:57 | °Alex |  Running
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Harry didn't want them to know that he can see Voldemort's thoughts and Voldemort can see his. He was already afraid about what they could do to get more information. Harry guessed that Riddle is the more curious one. Sometimes he could feel his inquisitive eyes on him. He perceived Riddle as he was the devil who looks like an angel and yet he had devilish aura around him. It was frustrating.

He was also worried about Hermione. He thought about her, being so amazing, brave and smart. She was a good liar when she needed to be. He and Ron will have to practice more to be better liars.

Ron... he wasn't as worried about Hermione than about Ron. He seemed to be more labile because of the locket. Harry and Hermione decided they ought to wear it more often.
Ron and Hermione came to the tent after they had collected some forest fruit. Ron immediately shouted out. Hermione looked his way and to her and Ron's astonishment they saw Riddle, sitting on his bed just in a dressing gown. Ron's dressing gown which was now black not brown. He was sitting calmly and read a book.

'How is this even possible?' Ron yelled.

Riddle slowly raised his head and looked at them. He had no idea if he should be grateful that he's naked or not. But he was certain that he felt spitefully. He had to try really hard not to laugh.

'Yes?' Riddle asked peacefully and curiously, trying to hide a smile. He raised his eyebrows.

'What did you do?'

'Well, you took my wand and it seems that when I'm wandless it is truly hard to control magic. You see, I feel like I'm young again,' he said with nostalgic tone. 'I had to clean my clothes and I want them to dry properly so I put your dressing gown on... but before that I had accidentally changed the colour because I don't like brown... it's like for peasants,' Riddle said matter-of-factly.

Then he turned to Hermione who tried not to blush.

'Oh, Hermione, I'm sorry, but Harry said I could read this book since - according to his words - is the least required,' Riddle said and showed Hermione the cover. He had read Hogwarts: A History.

Hermione just nodded, because Ron didn't allow her to speak because he was freaking out.

"Harry! You allowed him to wear my dressing gown?"

Harry blushed guiltily. He was sitting on a bench. There was The Tales of Beedle the Bard in front of him. He was probably thinking about the symbol again. Hermione noticed he was wearing the locket.

'I was thinking, I didn't notice, I'm sorry,' he said.

Ron released a sign then he looked back at Riddle.

'Do you at least have any pants under my dressing gown?'

Riddle sneered at him in evil Slytherin way. Antonin chuckled because Ron's face was now red like a tomato. Both Slytherin boys looked at each other and continued smirking.

Hermione was getting more and more angry. She ran to the bathroom, trying not to think about his naked body under Ron's dressing gown. She didn't know the reason it even occurred her to think about it. Riddle's wet clothes, which hung on the holder for towels, sobered her. Adrenaline flowed through her body. She realised that it was childish, but otherwise he wouldn't learn a lesson. Or it would provoke him which concerned Hermione the most but she decided to throw it behind her back. She pointed her wand at his clothes and their colours have changed. All of his clothes was now purely pink. Suddenly she understood that triumphant feeling he felt when he had put on the dressing gown.

Contentedly she walked out of the bathroom and reassuringly smiled at Ron. Then she went to the counter and put the fruit on it. Everyone was watching her. Riddle stared at her closely and Hermione knew that so she turned around and smiled at him sweetly. That roused him. He was so upset. Riddle clenched his jaw and pressed his lips tightly so they formed a thin line.

'What have you done?' Riddle asked in controlled voice.

'Nothing bad,' Hermione replied innocently. Riddle stood up slowly, his eyes still fixed on her. Hermione said with dangerous tone: 'I just want you to know - do not provoke.'

Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise. He had never seen Hermione like that. She was defending Ron and because of such silly thing like a dressing gown?

She must hate him as much as I do, but I wouldn't provoke Riddle with... whatever she did, Harry thought.

Riddle stepped into the bathroom and he stood there for a moment. After a moment dangerous smile spread on his face. He slowly turned to Hermione. Everyone could see a red spark in his bright cold eyes. Hermione tried to suppress cold shiver which spilled down her spine.

He deserves it! He shouldn't tease my friend! She thought, but that didn't help her.

Hermione felt Harry as he stiffened next to her. Everyone watched Riddle how he approached her, still with his vicious smile and emotionless eyes. She tried not to show any emotion as well. Riddle put his palm on the table and he leaned towards her. Hermione observed his hair was not completely dry and she could better see the contrast between his skin and black dressing gown. She tried not to look there for a long time.

He smirked, because he could hear her beating heart. He looked like a predator, trying to scare its victim. And he did well so far. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared.

'Tell me, Granger,' he spoke and pronounced her last name sarcastically, 'how many truly evil Slytherins have you met at Hogwarts?'

Hermione felt like she has been paralyzed. She tried to think about all Slytherins that came to her mind.

'There are a few names,' Harry answered instead of Hermione. He lightly grabbed her shoulders and moved her closer to him and further from Riddle. 'But I doubt that Draco Malfoy or Pansy Parkinson are evil as you or... any other Death Eater.'

Antonin and Riddle raised their eyebrows and looked at each other. Antonin chuckled and he now stared at Harry like he had two dragon heads.

'Malfoy and Parkinson? Why are their blood lines still on this planet?'

Ron interfered them by asking: 'Why do you seem so upset? They're pure-bloods.'

'Yes, but they are stupid! Literally the only thing they care for is money.'

'Anyway... back to the topic,' Riddle said as Hermione looked back at him in a challenging way. 'I am not like those Slytherins you know. I am ten times worse so don't tempt me.' he whispered threateningly.
How dare she? Stupid... no... she's not stupid... she was just influenced by that stupid Weasley boy. But anyway, who does she think she is to challenge me? Such a lioness, Riddle led an inner war with himself all the time. He was hardly listening to Antonin who was always telling him silly stories which involved their escape. They couldn't escape.

Everyone was upset and nervous, because they were hungry and scared. The only ones, who seemed silent and unaffected by everything around them, were Dolohov and Riddle. Dolohov tried to ignore everybody except Riddle and Riddle was planning a revenge however he could not find the right one

This time they were on an outfield on a lonely farm. Slowly darkening surroundings signified that it was sunset. Hermione walked slowly towards the hut to get some food. She was annoyed, Ron was impatient because of the lack of food. She needed to be alone for a moment.

Oh, goodness, I miss Ginny and even Luna so much. Living with so many boys for such a long time is exhausting, Hermione was thinking. I'm mostly worried about Riddle and Harry. Harry seems pretty calm, but I bet he's boiling inside, Riddle is a murderer of many people including Harry's parents.

Without realizing it, she was in the hut. She wanted to take some eggs and bread and leave money there. Suddenly she heard steps... she believed they belonged to Riddle. They were confident and quiet. Hermione tried to calm herself down.

'I hope I'm not interrupting your thoughts,' he said in calm and smooth voice.

Hermione turned around to face him. He was casually leaning against the edge of the door frame with his arms folded. He stared at her with his stony expression. Hermione sighed and folded her arms on her chest.

'What do you want?'

'Nothing. I'm just bored and I've wanted to take a walk.' Riddle sounded bored indeed. He watched her closely. Hermione noticed he was doing it often... like he was trying to find out something.

She slowly turned away from him, put some money on the shelf and took a few eggs and bread. Then she turned back to leave but she almost bumped into Riddle who was standing right behind her. His eyes seemed darker than usual. Hermione instinctively retreated. It was hard to hide fear in front of him and of course he noticed so he smirked dangerously.

'I hope you will continue being careful,' he said as he leaned towards her.

Hermione felt his warm breath all over her face. She couldn't help but she blushed. Until now she didn't realise how much taller he was. It made her feel so small and helpless. After a few minutes she managed to answer.

'So do I.' She stared directly into his eyes.

Riddle frowned, turned around on his heel and walked away.
No wonder why Riddle and Antonin were bored. Riddle still didn't make up a plan how to prevent Potter and his little gang to destroy his soul. It was the least thing he could do. Antonin, on the other hand, teased Hermione like any other Slytherin so she wasn't concerned about it.

One evening Hermione came to the tent and immediately gasped. Riddle and Antonin were sitting on chairs opposite to each other. They had small piece of paper sticked on their foreheads. She came closer and read on Riddle's paper Hermione Granger and on Antonin's Slughorn. She tried not to laugh.

'So I am a girl... alright,' Riddle said calmly and he crossed his legs. 'Am I a brunette?'

'Yes,' Antonin, who sounded disappointed, answered.

'Am I a fan of a Quidditch?'

Antonin looked behind Riddle where Ron stood. Ron shook his head slowly. After that Antonin looked back to Riddle and said no.

'Do I like reading books?'


Riddle smiled knowingly.

'I'm Granger, aren't I?' he asked and pulled away the paper from his forehead.

'Damn it, Riddle!' Antonin shouted and banged the table with his palm.

'You ought to be more original,' Riddle said, smirking and shrugging.

Hermione smiled. After so many days they finally had fun. Shameful was that only Riddle and Antonin had fun. She could just smile, she wasn't honestly happy no matter how hard she tried not to be so depressed.
Riddle started to feel the locket. He didn't know why, but he actually felt its emotions. The more the Golden Trio felt unhappy, the more the locket felt satisfied... and so did Riddle.

Harry, Ron and Hermione felt desperate because they knew almost nothing. They had no idea where the other horcruxes might be. They considered Riddle's orphanage, Hoqwarts, Borgin & Burkes and Albania. They immediately ruled out Albania and Borgin & Burkes. Everyone in Borgin & Burkes would identify horcrux and Voldemort left Albania with his snake years ago. The only options were the orphanage and Hogwarts.

'Why would I hide a piece of my soul in the orphanage?' asked Riddle.

They all were sitting by the table, thinking about horcruxes.

'Why should we trust you?' Harry asked in return.

Riddle frowned and tried to keep himself calm. Was he serious?

'I'm sorry, but Riddle's right this time,' Hermione said in quiet voice.

Everyone looked at her. Harry and Ron thought she lost her mind and Riddle with Antonin stared at her in shock incapable of one word.

'I mean, the orphanage was certainly nothing pleasant. There is no reason why would he hide a piece of his soul there. Would you hide something precious somewhere where you suffered?' Hermione asked, looking at her friends. Ron and Harry shook their heads.

'No, we would not...' Harry answered.

'Perfect...' Ron said ironically.

Hermione tried not to roll her eyes.

'I'm going to patrol,' she said as polite as she could manage.

She sat on the blanket near their tent and opened a book she had left there. She was angry with Ron far too often!

Thanks to his mother and her cooking! Hermione thought about Mrs Weasley... she spoiled Ron with her food... so did the house elves at Hogwarts. Hermione was hungry too, but she didn't have such appetite as Ron.

'Hermione,' she heard Harry's peaceful voice. Hermione raised her head and looked at Harry and Ron, standing next to him. 'We are hungry so we've decided to go hunt.'

Hermione just nodded and looked away from them. Ron sighed and both walked away deeply to the forest that was surrounding them. She immediately felt loneliness. They left her alone with Riddle and Antonin.

I have my wand, don't panic! Hermione thought.

After a few minutes, Riddle and Antonin came out of the tent. Riddle was sneering and Antonin rolled his eyes.

'They won't catch anything,' said Riddle mockingly.

'Why are you in such a good mood?' Hermione asked suspiciously.

Riddle's face changed, it became more serious. His eyes looked briefly at the Slytherin's locket she was wearing this time. A wave of anger came through his body because a mudblood was wearing that locket. Then he looked back into her eyes and smiled sweetly.

'I think you know. You're sad and miserable... that speaks for itself.'

Hermione couldn't react because Antonin blurted out: 'Hey, that's a rabbit!'

Everyone turned their faces and eyes at the place where Antonin stared. There was brown adult rabbit on slowly drying grass. It was chewing grass quickly like it was the last one he had. Well, it was the last one because dangerous spark appeared in Riddle's eyes.

'Antonin, bring me a knife. I'll entertain it for a moment.'

Antonin slowly left (he didn't want to scare the rabbit). Riddle carefully approached the rabbit and Hermione observed him and the rabbit. Riddle slowly sat near the animal which was watching him with black scared eyes. Riddle did nothing but stared into the rabbit's eyes. Riddle's eyes was filled with comfort and tenderness. Hermione was sure that it was just a lie.

Hermione's eyes was now on the book she was holding. She began to melt again in her thoughts.

So Riddle can feel it? Can he really feel the locket's emotions? That's new and... strange... I've never expected it.

Hermione was worried. She certainly didn't want to Riddle and the locket connect somehow. But more important thing was: how was this possible? Hermione didn't know the answer and she doubted Riddle would know it too.

She didn't realise she blankly stared at Riddle's bare forearms (he had rolled up his sleeves) and his bloodied hands.

Eyes back to the book! her inner voice commanded.
Poor Hermione... sweet lioness who just sits there and thinking about... I frankly have no idea, thought Riddle, She's so hard to read! It's frustrating. I wish I could gain some informations from her about my future self. However she does not seem as the kind of girl who giggles all the time. I've had enough of these girls who talks about boys and fashion... Hermione Granger seems normal... it's a big shame she is a Gryffindor and a mudblood.

What the hell are you thinking about? Riddle heard another voice in his head. She's a filthy mudblood... and she's not even pretty so focus on that fucking rabbit.

Riddle already pulled out rabbit's guts out and now he was cutting off meat from bones and handing it into Antonin's palms. When all meat was cutted off, Riddle wiped his sweaty forehead with bare forearm.

'I'm finished! Antonin wash that meat.. oh, what a surprise,' Hermione heard Riddle's voice fading away.

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1 Lisa Lisa | Web | 8. března 2014 v 23:15 | Reagovat

Kapitola bola naozaj pekná :D A aj celkom dlhá :D Chudák Ron :D Jeho župan nie je hnedý ale čierny, veď čo už aj tak ju nemal rád :D A tá Mionina pomsta :D Ja by som to nebola schopná urobiť :D Ťažko by som rozdýchala, že som ho videla v župane :D A myslím, že by mu ružová celkom išla :D A tá hra :D Bola super :D Si hlavičkas, že ťa niečo také napadlo :D Vážne si nwm predstaviť toho "zlého" Voldyho, ako tú hru hrá napr. s Bellatrix :D A Tomove vnútorné rozmýšľanie :D bolo ňuňu :D Prišli mi to zlaté a NWM dôvod :D A na koniec :D Chudák králik :D
Teším sa na ďalšiu kapitolu :-) Ináč kapitola bola dosť dlhá :D Aspoň sa mi tak zdala :D Takže len tak ďalej..

2 Josette Oleander Josette Oleander | 14. března 2014 v 23:15 | Reagovat

krásna kapitola :) aj keď celkom niesom najlepšia v angline toto sa mi páčilo aj celkom jednoduché na preklad to bolo :) :) určite pokračuj v písaní :) ide ti to :)

3 LillyPotterml. LillyPotterml. | 4. března 2016 v 15:28 | Reagovat

Hermiona no no no. :D Vyzývajúca Hermiona. Hihihi. Chudak Ronik. Ružova? Realy? no mohol skončiť s chrabromilskov červenov. Takže tom a nahrdelnik? Mam rada to jeho premišlanie:Poor Hermione... sweet lioness who just sits there and thinking about... I frankly have no idea,

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