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Chapter 3 - Ron's Temper

8. dubna 2014 v 16:33 | °Alex |  Running

Konečne :D.
Niečo som okopírovala z knihy, niečo z filmu (čo konkrétne, to už uvidíte). Za koniec sa mi rozhodne nepoďakujete, ale aspoň môžem s energiou začať písať ďalšiu kapitolu :D.
Ďakujem všetkým za čítanie a komentovanie :).

Hermione looked at the spot where Riddle and Antonin were looking. Harry and Ron were coming back from their hunt with nothing, they didn't catch anything. Riddle and Antonin chuckled. Despite the fact that they had expected this, they were amused.
'What is this?' asked Ron in disgusted voice. He stared at the meat in Antonin's hands and rabbit's remains on the ground which vanished quickly. Hermione had casted an Evanesco at them.
'We'll have a rabbit on dinner,' said Riddle and stood up. 'It will have no flavour but at least I won't have to eat mushrooms again... I hate them. Antonin, I told you something," he turned to Antonin dangerously but Antonin only stared.
'But you have eaten-'
'Yes,' Riddle answered briefly and left to the tent.
Antonin stood there in astonishment. He looked at Hermione, who was also surprised, and whispered: 'But he utterly hates mushrooms... he would never eat them.'
Hermione was also impressed and surprised. Riddle hates mushrooms and yet he had eaten them, Ron likes them and he hadn't eaten Hermione's mushrooms. To be honest, she hadn't liked her braised mushrooms too because of lack of salt and spices, otherwise she liked mushrooms... especially with cheese sauce.
Whatever, Hermione. So Riddle overcame himself... big deal! Maybe he just tried to be a gentleman in thought he could manipulate with me... asshole! Hermione thought to herself.
'Antonin, the meat!'
After Antonin cleaned the meat, Hermione cut it into small pieces and braised it. Why hadn't she thought about packing salt and spices? She had been thinking about Voldemort so she hadn't got time for such simple things as food.
But sometimes they could not eat rabbit. One day Harry caught a fish and Hermione... well... she managed to singe it (not whole fish though). Ron stared to gibber again and that drove everyone crazy.
'You know, my mum can conjure food out of the air,' said Ron.
Harry automatically looked at his neck and he saw the chain of the locket. He couldn't blame Ron for his grumpy mood, but Ron could at least try not to be so mean - especially to Hermione. Riddle clenched his jaw and narrowed his bright eyes.
Hermione sighed. 'Your mother can't produce food out of thin air, no one can. Food is the first of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfigura-'
'Oh, speak English, can't you?'
'It's impossible to make good food out of nothing! You can summon it if you know where it is, you can transform it, you can increase the quantity if you've already got some...'
'Don't bother with increasing this, it's disgusting,' said Ron.
'Harry caught the fish and I prepared it as I could! I've noticed that I always have to take care of cooking, probably because I'm a girl!'
'No. It's because you can perform magic perfectly.'
Riddle's and Antonin's raised their eyebrows promptly. Riddle was like paralyzed. Antonin spoke first.
'So you didn't notice she's a girl? I mean woman...' he quickly corrected himself and rolled his eyes.
'Of course we have noticed,' said Harry peacefully.
'Probably just you did. I'm not so sure about him,' said Antonin and pointed with his head to Ron whose ears have flushed.
'Who do you think you are?' asked Ron in insolent tone.
'Me?' asked Antonin and pointed his forefinger at his chest. 'I'm not walking around and insult people just because I'm hungry, for Salazar's sake! We may be Slytherins, but we can show some manners...'
'But we think something completely different so we practically lie,' finished Riddle with diplomatic tone.
'Point is that she's still a girl, regardless her blood status, and you shouldn't behave like that to her,' said Antonin, looking with narrowed eyes at Ron.
'And my point is that you're Slytherins and you shouldn't lecture me!'
Ron's whole face was red like a blood which was boiling inside of him. He vigorously stood up and left.
'It's really hard for him, can't you just ignore that?' Hermione asked both of them.
Two Slytherins looked at her in disbelief. Riddle had told himself he won't care about this girl, but he could not help himself. Somehow he could not ignore the way Weasley was behaving towards her. Weasley was a Gryffindor, those don't act like that.
'No,' he finally spoke, 'because he's getting on our nerves as well.'

Riddle was sleeping in his pitiful bed, but voices disturbed his sleep.
'Phineas Nigellus might see how it happened, his portrait is hanged beside the locker.'
That was Hermione's voice. What was she up to? Riddle slowly opened his eyes and quickly blinked, he felt tired... his bed wasn't very comfortable. Riddle sat and looked around the tent. The Golden Trio was sitting near the table where Antonin was, he looked thrilled.
'What are you doing?' Riddle asked as Hermione and Harry pulled out some portrait, probably portrait of Phineas Nigellus... wait... he used to be a headmaster.
Everyone turned their eyes on him in surprise.
'We want to know if some gossips are true,' said Hermione calmly.
'They are not gossips. I believe what they said,' said Harry.
'Yes, but we need to know if this informations are really true and - if it's possible - find out more details.'
Hermione leaned the portrait against a step which leaded to the 'kitchen' and some other beds, including Riddle's. Riddle stood up, curious about what they're going to do, and walked to them and stood behind their backs. Hermione pointed her wand at the portrait and said: 'If someone replaced the real sword for the fake one while it was in Dumbledore's office,' Riddle grimaced, he seriously didn't want to believe that he's headmaster now. 'Phineas Nigellus should be the one who knows the real story. I'm sure of it.'
Hermione cleared her throat.
'Phineas? Phineas Nigellus?'
Nothing happened.
'Phineas Nigellus?' Hermione tried again. 'Profesor Black? Can we talk to you? Please?'
'Please always helps,' said cold sarcastic voice and Phineas Nigellus appeared in his portrait. Hermione immediately exclaimed: 'Obscuro!'
Black band appeared on Phineas's eyes which caused that he crashed into the frame and cried out in pain.
'What... How dare you? Who are you?'
'I'm really sorry, profesor Black,' apologized Hermione, 'but it's necessary measure.'
'Remove this stupid supplement right now! You're destroying precious artwork! Where am I? What is happening?'
'It's not important where we are,' said Harry and Phineas Nigellus froze and gave up attempts to remove just painted band.
'Isn't that voice of escaping Mr Potter?'
'Maybe,' admitted Harry, he knew he'll keep the interest of the former headmaster. 'We want to ask you a few questions about the sword of Gryffindor.'
'Ah,' Phineas Nigellus was urning his head in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Harry, 'yes. That stupid girl acted very unwisely.'
'Don't talk like that about my sister,' said Ron harsly. Phineas Nigellus isdainfully raised his eyebrow.
'Who else is here?' he asked, turning his head. 'I don't like your voice at all! The girl and her friends were extremely stupid. Stealing in the headmaster's office!'
'They weren't stealing,' stated Harry. 'That sword is not Snape's.'
'It belonges to the school of profesor Snape.'
'Wait,' said quiet voice which made everyone silent and focused on Riddle, except Phineas who was, once again, turning his head.
'And who the hell is this?!' asked outraged Phineas.
'Not important,' replied Riddle quickly. 'Some Snape is headmaster? I thought Dumbledore would...'
'He's dead, boy. Where have you been? In Antarctica?'
Riddle was utterly shocked. Dumbledore is dead? How? This decade was weird, but one thing about it was perfect - Dumbledore's dead. Small smile spread on his face and he blinked.
'Really?' asked Riddle in surprised tone. 'That's terrific!'
Phineas raised his eyebrow again, but this time in approving way. On the other hand, the Golden Trio wasn't very pleased or surprised by his statement.
'It's not important now. What else do you know?' asked Harry.
'That Weasley girl was accompanied by Longbottom and Lovegood. Snape sent them to The Forbidden Forest to help oaf Hagrid there.'
'Hagrid is not an oaf!' Hermione exclaimed.
'Of course he is,' Riddle indicated with his lips to Antonin who smirked.
'Snape had probably thought it's a punishment,' said Harry, 'but Ginny, Neville and Luna just had fun with him. Forbidden Forest... they've been through worse situations, so what!'
Harry felt relieved, he had imagined something worse like Cruciatus or other horrors.
'May I leave now?' asked Phineas Nigellus sarcastically.
Still blindfolded he groped the frame and tried to come out of this picture and return to his portrait at Hogwarts. Harry had an idea.
'Dumbledore! Can you bring Dumbledore to us?'
Riddle rolled his eyes and decided to sit next to Antonin.
'Excuse me?' asked Phineas.
'Portrait of profesor Dumbledore - can you bring it into your picture?'
'Hogwarts's portraits can communicate between each other, but cannot visit each other. They cannot travel outside the castle unless they'd go into their own portrait. Dumbledore can't come here with me and after the way you treated with me, I can assure you that I won't come either. Goodbye, Potter,' Phineas said and left.
'Great,' said Ron bitterly. 'What have we found out? Nothing!'
'What are we going to do?' asked Harry, looking at Hermione.
Hermione was staring at Riddle, who was going through the pages of a book, and immediately thought of one thing that could help them. She stood up, went to the table, took the book out of his hands.
'Hermione, what is it?' asked Harry again.
She hurriedly flipped to the relevant page and looked back at Harry excited.
'The sword of Gryffindor it's goblin made.'
'Brilliant,' replied Harry hesitantly, not sure what to say.
'No, you don't understand. Dirt and rust have no effect on the blade,' she showed him the part in a book which said the same thing as Hermione did. 'It only takes in that what makes it stronger.'
Harry looked at her, comlepely confused. 'OK...'
'Harry, you destroyed one horcrux, right? Tom Riddle's diary in the Chamber of Secrets.'
Riddle wanted to say something. He was probably more confused than Harry himself. How could they get into the Chamber? How?
'With a basilisk fang... If you tell me you have one of those in your bloody bag of yours...'
They are apparently pretty engrossed in conversation, thought Riddle.
'Don't you see?' she asked and sat down across from Riddle. 'In the Chamber of Secrets you stabbed the basilisk with the sword of Gryffindor, its blade is impregnated with the basilisk venom.'
There was understanding on Harry's face. He sat down, too.
'It only takes in that what makes it stronger,' he repeated.
Antonin rolled his eyes, fed up by Harry's reaction... maybe Riddle's feelings towards Harry somehow jumped on him as well...
'Exactly, which is why...'
'It can destroy horcruxes,' said Harry with his eyes set on the page.
'That's why Dumbledore left it to you in his will.'
'You are brilliant, Hermione, truly.'
Now it was Riddle who rolled eyes. The information about Hermione being brilliant was obvious all the time and he has just noticed... now?
'Excuse me? What did you say?' asked Harry suspiciously Riddle.
Riddle looked back at him, trying to hide his surprise. Did he say it aloud? Riddle, peeking at blushing Hermione and back to Harry. Riddle put on his unidentifiable mask and folded his arms on chest.
'So what? It's true, she's smart... big deal... More importantly, you are in an enormous trouble, Potter,' Riddle finished threateningly.
'Because I killed your pet, I understand, we'll deal with it later. What is more important for the rest of us is the sword.'
Riddle pursed his lips and remained quiet.
'The sword may be at Hogwarts... but what if Snape hide it somewhere where students won't be able to find it?'
Suddenly lights turned off and everyone stayed silent. The only noise was rain, falling on the tent. The smell of tense was in the air. But the lights turned on again and they saw Ron standing where Harry and Hermione left him, deluminator in his palm.
'We can't be sure about the sword's location.'
Hermione's eyes widened, her intuition screamed that something bad was going to happen. Hermione has never seen Ron's face so cold, it was like it wasn't his own.
'Yeah, I'm still here, but you two carry on, don't let me spoil the fun.'
Harry's expression was confused, but he stood up so he could see better at Ron.
'What's wrong?' he asked.
'Nothing's wrong. According to you anyway.'
'If you got something to say don't be shy, spit it out.'
Riddle and Antonin were curiously watching the scene. Weasley's bahaviour was not like him... it was probably because of the locket he was wearing. He could say something he'll regret latter...
And he could hurt Hermione, looking at her face... she's pretty scared, thought Riddle.
Wait! Why do you care again?
I don't.
Of course...
Riddle had to shut down his inner voices so he could focus on that tense situation.
'Alright, I'll spit it out. Don't expect me to be grateful just because now is another damn thing we've got to find,' said Ron angrily.
'I thought you knew what you signed up for.'
'Yeah, I thought I did too.'
It seemed the rain was louder and heavier. It easily overwhelmed Hermione's beating heart.
'Well, I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand,' Harry walked past him and stopped before the entrance of the tent. 'Which part of this isn't living up to your expactations? Did you thing we were gonna stay in a five-star hotel, finding horcrux every other day...'
Hermione slowly stood up and walked closer to them.
'You thought you will be right with you mum by Christmas?' continued Harry, his voice was a bit louder...
And so was Ron's...
'I just thought, after all this time we would've actually achieve something, I thought you knew what you're doing, I thought Dumbledore would've told you something worthwhile.'
'I told you everything Dumbledore told me and in the case you haven't noticed, we've found a horcrux already.'
'Yeah, and we're about as close to getting rid of it as we are to finding the rest of them, aren't we?'
Hermione approached him, trying to take the locket off. Unsuccessfully. Ron pushed her hands away.
'Please, take it off. You wouldn't be saying any of this, if you haven't been wearing it all day,' she begged.
'Do you know why I was listening to that radio all day? To make sure I don't hear Ginny's name, or Fred', or George's or mum's,' said Ron with calmer voice.
'Do you thing I'm not listening too? Do you thing I don't know how this feels?' Harry started shouting.
'No, you don't know how this feels. Your parents are dead, you have no family!'
Harry suddenly lunged at him and they started to fight. They were ignoring Hermione's attempts to split them apart or her shouting. Once they parted from each other, Harry furiously pointed to the entrance.
'Fine then! Go! Go then!'
Just after finishing the sentence, Harry felt guilty and regret. He hoped Ron won't obey Harry, but he was wrong. Ron took the locket off, threw it on the floor, angrily passed Hermione and took his rucksack.
'Ron,' she whispered.
He walked to the entrance, but he stopped in front of it and turned around to face Hermione.
'And you? Are you coming or you stayin'?' he asked with deep look.
Hermione looked confused and pleadingly. She just didn't want to believe he would really leave. Leave her and Harry. Where would he go? It's dangerous out there. He wasn't serious... he wasn't...
She looked at Harry in horror, he was just standing there without any expression on his face. Then she looked at Riddle and Antonin, Antonin was clearly excited and curious about this and Riddle glowered at Ron.
'Fine. I get it,' said Ron. That made Hermione look at him again in shock.

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I like Antonin more and more :D Still amezing work.

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