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Chapter 4 - Game

19. dubna 2014 v 18:46 | °Alex |  Running
'I've seen those looks you were sharing,' he sounded angry and disappointed.
Hermione felt a flush all over her face. She was slowly shaking her head. What looks did he mean? There was nothing... with anyone... What was he talking about?

'Ron, I-I don't understand. There is nothing... no looks... what...' she stuttered.
But Ron did not want to listen to it anymore and ran out to the rainy night.
Hermione hesitated, her legs were like leaden ones. But then she ran after him. It was hard to see something in dark deep night, the rain made it worse, it was falling into her eyes, but she recognized his figure far ahead of her. She was so frightened as never.
'Ron, where are you going?' she shouted as firmly as she could. She started to feel tears falling out of her eyes. 'Come back!'
Her shouting and begging for staying didn't help and the only sound he made was the Apparition... she felt like she was in a bubble, a bubble in which was no sound, no feelings, just her and her sadness.
She didn't even notice a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and led her back to the tent. Once they were in the tent she heard voices as if they were distanced.
'Hermione?' she heard a slight Russian accent. 'You need to dry yourself and change or you'll catch a cold.'
The Gryffindore girl blinked several times so she could see properly. She saw Antonin standing in front of her. He was serious, but Hermione didn't want to do anything. Ron's gone.
'For Salazar's sake, girl, brace yourself! Do you think he's worth it? You still have Harry, by the way,' he finished with softer voice.
'Tea?' asked Riddle, handing her a cup after she had dried herself and changed her clothes.
Hermione suspiciously gazed at him, then she looked at Harry, who nodded and tried to smile, but he couldn't. She took the mug from Riddle and the book, which was calmly lying on the table. Silently she walked to her bed, sipped her tea and put it down on the floor. She sat down on her bed, opened a book and read without knowing what she was reading about.

'Who do you think you are Hermione?' shouted Ron.
They were standing in a forest. She didn't know where exactly they were. She felt pressure in her throat, like there was a big stone. Tears were slowly showing in the corners of her eyes.
'I don't know what you're talking about,' she whispered weakly.
'You know very well what I'm talking about! You were sharing that fucking looks! He's a devil and I'm sure you were thinking about that snake! Or maybe you were thinking about Harry, my best friend! Or perhaps you fancy that Russian boy!'
'That's not true, you're paranoid! I did nothing! I wasn't dreaming about anyone.'
'You are a liar, Hermione.'
Ron suddenly disappeared.
'Tsk, tsk, tsk, Hermione,' a cold voice said behind her.
She quickly turned around and saw Riddle, leaning against a tree with his arms and legs crossed. Smirk on his face as usual and devilish look in his eyes.
'What do you want?' Hermione asked sharply.
'You need to learn some manners, mudblood. Or you haven't learned from Weasley's mistakes? Talking about Weasley...' he said casually, all of a sudden he was in front of her. 'How long do you think he'll survive out there all alone without yours and Harry's help?'
She started to feel weaker and weaker. Riddle's voice became more sweeter and that made her feel a bit asleep.
'With his appetite, spoilness and bean-sized brain... I would say not quite long...'
He started to circled around her like a vulture. Shiver ran through her spine and he chuckled.
'But don't worry, you have the Golden Boy...' Riddle stopped at her side, leaned towards her ear. His breath tickled her, her heart was racing, she felt like a dead mouse unable to do any movement. '...Antonin and me. You don't need Weasley, Hermione,' he said her name like he was tasting it in his mouth. 'Hermione,' he whispered near her ear.
'Hermione! Hermione, wake up!' Other voice. Sounded familiar... Wait... It was Harry's.
She abruptly opened her eyes. She realised she was breathing heavily. Hermione was sweaty and had goosebumps all over her body because of that horrible nightmare. She still could feel Riddle's breath on her ear, that nightmare was so real. Hermione struggled, Harry helped her to sit up.
'Are you alright?' asked Harry.
'Just a nightmare, Harry,' whispered Hermione, 'I'm fine...'
She felt tears on her cheeks. She didn't want Harry to see them so she turned away from him and laid down on her bed. Hermione felt that Harry stood up and covered her with blanket.

Hermione woke up with her eyes reddened. The first thing occurred to her was that Ron's really gone. She felt she'll start crying soon, but then she stopped herself from this idea.
I can't cry. Don't be like a baby. Do you want Riddle to see you like this? What would he think? He already thinks you're stupid unworthy mudblood, I won't make it easier to him...
While she was preparing some breakfast, Harry and two Slytherins woke up. They were quiet, too. After breakfast Hermione decided to guard outside.
She sat on the grass, looking around as she expected Ron to come back. She just wanted to see his red hair somewhere behind one of the trees. That reminded her of the nightmare. Why would Ron accuse her from those things. There was nothing between her and Riddle (or Harry, or Antonin), that was just stupid! If there was something, she would notice, wouldn't she?
Riddle is Voldemort and Voldemort is unable of feelings such as affection... impossible. Plus, I'm a mudblood... that is one big rubbish and Ron was wearing the locket, that obviously blurred his eyes or something... Hermione was convincing herself.
Antonin came out of the tent, smiling at her. 'Hey, Granger. Feeling better?'
Surprisingly his smile made her corners of her lips twitch upwards. For a Slytherin he didn't seem that bad, she didn't answer though. His note didn't make her happier. She forced herself to stop thinking about how he left, what he had said... She wanted to forget everything, but somehow she couldn't.
'You should stop thinking about it. You have Harry to make you feel better and us to make you feel provoked. Ron is just... well...'
'I don't want to talk about him,' Hermione cut his train of thoughts in which he had plenty of insults prepared for Ron.
Harry came out of the tent and looked around.
'We ought to move somewhere else,' said Harry.
When Riddle came out of the tent, too, and stood next to Antonin, Harry folded the tent with magic, but he decided to pack it without magic. Since he was a bit clumsy with packing it into his rucksack, it drove Riddle mad.
'Just put it in there finally or I'll shove it into your throat,' he threatened.
'I'd rather shut up if I were you, Riddle,' Hermione burst out, 'he can't be as perfect as you think you are.'
Riddle frowned and gazed at her furiously.
'Yes, I think I'm perfect and I'm glad you said that about me,' he said icily.
Before she could say something Harry said: 'Calm down, both of you,' and extended his hand. Hermione touched it and they waited for both Slytherins. Surprisingly Riddle put his palm on Hermione's hand as first. Hermione was slightly schocked, his hand was warm, bigger than hers and with infamous long fingers. Despite the fact they were about to throw themselves at each other's throats, she felt calmer and more peaceful. How was that possible? She wasn't supposed to feel this way. He was a monster...
Once Antonin put his palm on Riddle's hand, they apperated. They landed on a stone surface. Hermione looked at the boys who surrounded her. There was no Ron Weasley between them.
And here we go again... I'll start cry... no... I must not! said Hermione to herself rigidly.
To make sure no one could see her sad face, she turned her back to them and sat down. Antonin and Riddle looked at one another. They were getting slightly annoyed by her depressive mood. Harry pitched the tent and Hermione quickly disappeared in it with: 'I'm going to take a shower.'
Sun was slowly disappearing behind the hills. It started to be colder and colder, winter has come. Harry guessed it was the end of november or the start of december. Riddle stood outside, watching the sunset and suddenly something came to his mind. He thought about him being nice to Hermione, maybe then she'll open her thoughts, opinions and more importantly memories to him. But he needed to perform it perfectly... he had to act, because he certainly felt nothing for her. She was just another ordinary mudblood... wasn't she?
You know very well she's not at all ordinary and that you want to hug her and make her feel better, you want to snuggle her to you so you could feel...
NO! I want to feel nothing for her. Nothing!
Come on! There is still something from that boy Tom Riddle.
OK, as you thing... but it's not beneficial for you. Well, we'll see. Soon or later you'll open to your feelings and her.
Riddle stepped into the tent and found Hermione sitting on the stairs, listening to Ron's radio, melancholic melodies was coming from it. Ignoring others' stares, he approached her and sat down next to her. She looked at him in surprise, but quickly turned her head away and hugged her knees.
He watched her for a while and then he spoke: 'Truth or dare?'
Hermione looked at him again, but this time in disbelief in her eyes. She was seeking some mockery or just Slytherin glint, but there was nothing like that. Instead of this she saw seriousness. Did he honestly wanted to play that tricky game with her? Should she say truth... or dare?
'Truth,' she answered finally.
He hesitated. What should he ask? Then it hit him - as first he ought to ask something light.
'How are you feeling?'
That question was unexpected and it shocked her. It was the least expected thing he could ever ask, she was really taken by that even though she knew he lied... he had to. He couldn't be interested in well being of a mudblood.
'I'm confused,' she said slowly. 'I fell sad and angry. Truth or dare?'
I guess he'll never stop surprising me, Hermione thought.
'Why do you even pretend you care? I don't believe you,' she said simply.
Tom wasn't surprised by that, in fact, he waited for it.
'I'm annoyed,' he started, 'because you are sad and angry with that idiot and I don't like your depressed mood. It's true that the locket is happy about it and I should be as well, but this time I'm not. And I honestly don't understand this. Friends should stick together and I assume he can't be your friend when he has been hurting you and acting like a spoiled child.'
Hermione had to admit he had a point. Ron left even when he had promised he'll help Harry with Hermione. And he hurt her... she was sad, she cried, she waited for him...
'He left because he was jealous, hungry...?' asked Riddle, who seemed to be confused, too, and shrugged.
'Why would he be jealous?' asked Hermione.
She felt her cheeks burning. She had no idea why she blushed. Yes, Ron said a few things that made her feel awkward, but she didn't know the reason.
Riddle looked at her with strange look on his face. He peeked at her red cheeks.
'I don't know, you tell me...'
'What do you mean?' asked Hermione whose heart started to pump faster.
'Maybe he really saw some affection that didn't aim to him.'
'Harry's just my friend and you two,' Hermione whispered and furiously looked at Antonin and then back at Riddle, 'are... Slytherins.'
'Wow, you has truly enlightened me,' he sneered and Hermione frowned.
'What did you expect me to say? That I'm in love with you all?'
'No. One of us would be enough,' he teased.
'What?' Hermione gasped and Riddle smirked. She was quite outraged.
'Just joking. I'm a monster, Antonin's skilled in fighting and he's proud of it and Harry...' Riddle hesitated.
'Harry loves someone else and he's my best friend. Literally.'
Riddle looked at her uncannily, then he looked at Harry, who has been watching them all along. Riddle turned back to Hermione.
'That was unexpected. And the girl... loves him too?'
'I'm astonished,' he said with widened eyes, but in amused way. 'So Weasley put funny images into his head.'
'I think so...' said Hermione.
Harry was surprised how they were talking. Riddle made Hermione speak. But there was something that worried him - what purpose Riddle had? Did he try to persuade Hermione that he's honest and trustworthy?

Hermione went sleeping in better mood despite the fact he was a Slytherin, monster, murderer and Voldemort... but he made her feel better... more relaxed and less lonely.
He probably just tried to manipulate you... maybe he'll try again, maybe he'll try to lure some information out of you... you need to be carefull, said Hermione's conscience.

On the other day Riddle didn't stop surprising her. Just after finishing her breakfast, Riddle's voice came out of the bathroom.
'I need a haircut. Hermione?'
Hermione almost choked on her tea. She didn't know how to react. She just managed to raise her eyebrows and look at Antonin and Harry who were surprised as she.
Riddle came out of the bathroom with impatient expression.
'Why me?' asked Hermione precariously.
'Because you're a girl,' he answered simply.
Hermione tried to look as calm as possible. Funny... how could simple words sound so unusual. You're a girl. That sentence will reverberate in her head for a long time. It was the second time a Slytherin indirectly said he noticed.
After a few seconds of silence she nodded. Contented smile appeared on his face, perfectly happy with her answer. He sat on a bench and waited. Harry handed Hermione scissors. She looked briefly at him and Antonin in uncertainty. This whole situation was absurd for her, but Harry and Antonin were quite amused by this.
Hermione sighed and lowered his head. She was surprised by softness of his hair, they were perfectly combed, but not at all greasy or thin. She stifled the urge to run her fingers through his hair and started to cut them on his neck. Riddle, on the other hand, would appreciate if she ran her finger through his hair. Now she was just slightly touching his neck... and his imagination ran on full speed. What it would be like to have her fingers in his hair? He thought it would be amazing. Riddle also assumed that her fingers wouldn't stay only in his hair.
After a few minutes she finished. He touched the back of his neck and felt that his hair are shorten and cut in a perfect horizontal line. Riddle turned to face Hermione's dubious face. He smiled softly, grabbed her hand and softly pressed his lips on her knuckles.
Without breaking an eye contact he quietly said: 'Thank you, Granger.'
He stood up with smugness all over his face - she had blushed - and went out of the tent for a bit of a fresh air. He needed to cool off.
Everything was so strange to him. He never experienced such feeling... feeling which was slightly - but still calling for attention - tickling in his lower abdomen. Why did he feel this...? He didn't even how to name it. He never felt this. She was just a mudblood... Not a common mudblood though. Hermione was special.
His thoughts were interrupted by Antonin who called his name from the tent. Riddle came back and he saw all of them standing.
'We should move somewhere else... to some place with supermarket. We need some food and here is none,' said Potter.

They moved near a little town on the south of England. Hermione pulled out some money from her bag and invisibility cloak.
'Riddle, you'll go to the supermarket, I'll go with you under, but this cloak so I could keep an eye on you.'
Hermione handed him money and he stared at her as she gone crazy.
'Me? Shopping?' he asked with stone expression. Hermione sighed. She didn't expect this to be easy.
'Yes. You'll buy spaghetti and bolognese sauce,' when she saw that emotionless face she rolled her eyes. 'Besides, I'll go with you.'

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